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Dear Future Author,

Are you thinking of writing a book but don’t know how to get started? Many of us have survived, and even thrived, through challenges. When we know things that others can benefit from, we have an obligation to share what we know. Maybe you know how to remain friends with your ex after a divorce, how to build a successful business with no capital, or how to manifest and create the life you desire. Everyone has a gift, some of us have many, and gifts are meant to be shared. Maybe you know a lot about a widely discussed topic, like losing weight, and feel as if your voice isn’t needed. Understand that no one, no matter how successful they are, has done it your way. There are people out there who need to know what you know, shared through your unique lens and language.

One of the biggest challenges in self-publishing is being able to write a book that others want to read. You could have the best book in the world, but if it doesn’t match what book buyers know as ‘industry standard,’ your book will only be bought by family and friends. Certain standards need to be followed in order to have a real chance at success. Get your cover right and you can sell a good number of books. But if you want to write a book that people will read to the end, then you’ll need some other things.

The smallest detail can give you away, such as titling your content page “Table of Contents.” The industry standard is to label that page “Contents.” If you don’t believe me, check it out. Open some books that were produced by publishing giants and you’ll see the word contents. Check out some self-published books and you’ll often see the amateurish phrase. It’s an unimportant detail that can turn people away from your meaningful, impressive book. There are so many details that factor into whether or not people will even pick up your book, and whether they’ll take it to checkout or put it back on the shelf.

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Often these determining factors are subconscious for consumers: The book size has odd dimensions, and the font seems wrong—too big or too small, too much or too little space between lines, too big of a paragraph indentation, and so on. The cover’s title is lost in the image, which is too loud, too vague, or irrelevant to the book’s content. There’s something missing from the back cover, and, huh, is the ISBN in the wrong place?

Any of these miniscule details, and so much more, could have your book being left behind. When you go with other self-publishing providers, you may not receive the feedback that will help bring your book up to industry standard and beyond to visually appealing professionalism. InsideOut Press is dedicated to helping you with that. 


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Research is used to fill the gaps in your knowledge of the topic, learn what others have already said in order to embolden your unique voice in the field, and to determine the physical characteristics of books similar to yours. You don’t want to stand out as a self-publishing author; you want to fit in. What section of the library or bookstore would you find similar books in? What are the physical dimensions of the books, number of pages, types of covers, etc.? How is your work different from the work of others in your same category? Research is easy when you know what to do and where to look.


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Treat the dates you make to write like your best client. Would you cancel with your best client to do laundry, go grocery shopping or go out with friends? You’ll learn methods to avoid canceling the appointments you make to write. You will also learn about the other biggest problems for new writers: trying to edit while writing and self-sabotage.

Cover Design

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Unfortunately, everyone does judge a book by its cover. If you want people to buy your book in book stores and online, your cover needs to be a perfect fit. Most people would not be able to identify what makes them leave a book behind, but it is often something they can’t consciously identify about the cover. We know how to make you a book cover that sells.

Interior Design

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Most new writers are unaware of this piece of the process, despite it being the heart of what you’re selling. There are professionals who work to make the inside of your book comply with industry standards. This includes chapter titles, subheadings, font that aligns with the cover font, margins, page numbers, illustrations, and Library of Congress blocks. Beyond standards are the style choices that give your pages a fitting personality. Leave that to us.


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Writing your book is only about 10% of the work involved. Once the words are out of your head, the editing begins. By the time you are finished, if you follow our process, you will have edited your material about 10 times. When you are finished, you will know your book forward and backward!

Peer Review

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Peer review is a crucial step in non-fiction writing. You can leave this part out, but it is a great way to involve other perspectives to your content, making your book infinitely better.

Back Cover

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When self-publishing, you’re more than just an author; you also have to be a marketer. No one knows your book like you do! We will help you craft the back copy of your book. You will be focused on the benefits for your target audience, and we will stay with you through your book release and beyond.


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You will want a distributor to manage your book. It will get you into bookstores and provide you some sales traction. We can help you find a reputable distributor.

If all of this sounds like a lot, it is! However, joining our Writers’ Group will make it manageable, easy, and even a little fun. As Lao Tzu says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” and then another, and then another, and forever forward until you reach your destination. We know the steps, we have the professionals, and we can get you to your goal of publishing your book so you can help others with what you know.

I have written three books. The first was co-written with Sylvester Baugh, Leveraging Diversity at Work. The second was award-winning, bestselling Secrets of Happy Couples. My forthcoming book, which will be released in June 2019, is Choosing Me Now. I learned so much in my journey from wannabe writer to three-time published, award-winning author, but it was a steep learning curve for me. I want to shorten that learning curve for you.

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About four years ago, the professional women’s group I belong to held a meeting to showcase books published by members. It was unfortunate. I watched my friends put so much hard work into publishing books that wouldn’t be sold in bookstores. One was too short, two had terrible covers, and the other had written a chapter in someone else’s book. These friends of mine invested so much into their books but weren’t reaping the benefits. I vowed I wouldn’t allow another member of that group to produce a substandard book. Since that time, I have facilitated a local Writers’ Group in Chicago that just began its fourth year. Many of our members have published or are on the verge of publishing. I’ll let them tell you what their experience was like:


What People Are Saying

There are some self-publishing companies that help you get published but lack the same attention to detail that we have. There are others that do an excellent job but at a much higher cost. You will need to decide what is best for you.


At InsideOut Press, we’ll do anything you need us to do in order to get your book published. You can DIY as much as you want or your budget dictates, but where you want professional help, check with us before going elsewhere. There is no obligation to use InsideOut Press to publish your book once you are in our Writers’ Group, but the option is there, and you will receive 10% off all our services should you choose to publish with InsideOut Press.


Everyone has a story. Anyone can write a book. Of all the people who can write books, a small fraction actually do, and of that small fraction, an even smaller fraction produce books that sell. Increase the odds of your success. If you are going to invest so much of yourself in this project, don’t you want to capitalize on that investment?


Our Writers’ Group will operate like group coaching sessions. I am a board-certified coach, an expert at supporting and holding people accountable. I am also a licensed clinical professional counselor who can spot self-sabotage a mile away, so when you are serious about writing this book, I will make sure you get through the challenging parts and move forward toward success.


Don’t want to commit to a full year? That’s OK, we have three, six, nine and twelve-month packages but the one-year package is your best deal.


 We will meet for two hours on the last Monday of every month at 8 pm eastern/7 pm central/6 pm mountain/5 pm pacific.



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